PC Franco Demarco (L) Mounted PC Gareth Blyth and Sgt William Harris (R)





The Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group are dedicated to the history of policing through the ages.


The group uses uniforms of the Victorian and Edwardian era and many artefacts used are authentic from 1889 to 1962 period.


The group has its own mobile police station where children and adults can enter the gaol, try on a police hat/helmet for a photo shoot.


In addition to the gaol the group has a mobile police museum, artefacts from the Victorian era to 1962 are displayed on a table in a gazebo.


Duties undertaken by the group vary from meet and greet, escort duties (carnivals), school education shows, charity fund collecting.

The Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group was invited to attend the South Wales Police open fun day at Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil, with the beautiful Cyfarthfa Castle open to the public in the background, the setting was set for a stunning day.


There was something for everybody there, hot air balloon, miniature go cart racing, miniature train rides, the SWP dog displays and of course us with our mobile jail.


All three services attended with their own displays, South Wales Fire and Rescue service actually attached a 2-inch hose for the kids to aim at a target of 50 mtrs.


Seargent Harris from the GCPRG said: "This is by far the best open fun day we have attended. SWP support team have been excellent with their help and advice. It has been well organized and planned, our mobile jail has been busy all day with photo shoots with the kids and families. And above all the weather was sunny all day which made this a fantastic event."

Recent attended events:


'Bobby' -  The Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Groups mascot.

Glamorgan-Badge South Wales Police Open Fun Day Team. Voila_Capture 2017-08-11_10-32-00_am

South Wales Police Open Fun Day

Merthry Tidfyl 2017

South Wales Police Open Fun Day Team.

South Wales Police Open Fun Day Merthry Tidfyl 2017

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Events we will be attending soon:

Swansea City Christmas Parade...Escort... 19-11-2017

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THE GLAMORGAN CONSTABULARY POLICE were there two give the Swansea Bus Museum a fitting send-off from their premises at Fabian Way to the Havod.

Swansea Bus Museum Depot Closes...'Well that was fun! It was our final show at SA1 on Sunday...and what a fabulous show it was.' - Alan West, Chairman.

Vehicle owners who came from far and wide, including Cardiff, Bristol, and Manchester! And there were the local supporters as well. There were lots of stallholders who got up at silly o’clock to set up while the biggest thanks, as usual, went to the volunteers without whom it just wouldn’t happen. Swansea Bay Radio was there with presenter Helen Enser Morgan, who did a live broadcast from the museum. The Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group put on two displays feature WW1 and WW2 showing how the policing was done in those days. But the high-lite, of course, was the trips on the refurbished double-decker buses with trips to the Mumbles and Aberavon. It was a beautiful warm, dry day for this last open day for the museum who will now move to sheds in the Havod. Alan West, the chairman said: "Ah well, one door closes and another opens! See you all again at 2 Viking Way, Havod in the new year...onwards and upwards!"

Voila_Capture 2017-08-11_10-32-00_am Voila_Capture 2017-08-11_10-32-00_am Mobile Victorian Police Station.

Our mobile police station where children can go inside and

try on Victorian handcuffs and hats.

Swansea Bus Museum Open day...Jail...29-10-17 This page.

Halloween Party...Gwili Steam Railway...Plodding...31-10-17 This page.


What a fantastic day for the Gwili Steam Railway when they organized a Halloween Party on their 100-year-old train.


All the staff got into the spirit of the event by dressing up as witches, wizzards and ghouls. The station at Llwynfan Cerrig was the best stop as there was plenty to do there. The train had lots of mannequins and bunting for the Halloween party as well.


There were loads of sweets being handed out and some parents took advantage of that but the kids loved them.


Two Victorian Policemen from the Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group were there to arrest the witches and ghouls and they had plenty to do.


Three trains were put on at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm and were very busy on a warm and sunny day.