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South Wales Police Open Fun Day

Merthry Tidfyl 2017

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It was such a success last year that Gloucester City has invited the Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group back again.


We will be escorting the cast of 'Allo Allo' around the streets for photoshoots with the general public.


Councillor Colin Organ said: "I would very much like to extend an invitation to you & your team to join us again this year . The Allo Allo stars have said they would love to revisit us as they enjoyed your company and all the other re-enactors so much!"

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It's a hard life pounding the beat in these narrow streets, you don't know who you'll meet. Jack the Ripper is around here somewhere, we need to catch him quickly.

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The Metropolitan Police have ask for help from the Glamorgan Constabulary to catch Jack the Ripper in London.

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Victorian Police Mobile Jail

Calling all event organizers, looking for something new and spectacular for your event? Then why not add our Victorian Police Jail, it has been a big success at all the shows we have attended, especially with children.


The Victorian Jail can be changed for WW1 or WW2 themes or just a showcase of what we can offer. The German Rifleman display with Mauser 98 rifle and stunning pickelhaubes in full combat ready backpack is a must see, which is under construction at the moment.


Children and parents can enter the jail and have a photo shoot of themselves with our dreaded first Victorian handcuffs on their wrists, and then pose with our police hats on the steps, all taken by their cameras.


We make a small charge for the photo shoots to cover the diesel and insurance, for long distance events we will ask for help with the traveling expenses. Go to the contact button above for more details, looking forward to hearing from you.

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The Glamorgan Constabulary Police Re-enactment Group were one of the special guests at the Carew Airfield Control Towers open day in Pembroke, on Saturday, and what brilliant time we had.

You can take a trip back in time and experience the Control Tower as it would have been during the war years. Besides, they have also reconstructed a Stanton Air Raid Shelter and have now collected a considerable range of wartime exhibits in their vast museum.


Over 30 army vehicles were on display, and you can watch them drive on a specially designed track with excellent vantage points for the photographers.


There was plenty to see and do with local trader stands, listen to a band and choir or have fun at the fun fair. In their marquee was tea, coffee, and homemade cakes and sandwiches.


We were there with our new mobile Victorian Jail which was a big success with the kids; they could go inside and try on the dreaded Victorian handcuffs and wear a police hat for a unique photo shoot with our policemen, our free lollipops went down well as well.


A well-organized event, we will be there on their big day on the 11th August for the 'Wings Over Carew' show a must-see event.